Brigette is the Director of yogahour®, founder of prenatal yogahour, founder of Southtown Yoga in St. Louis, MO, 500 E-RYT Yoga Alliance teacher and nationwide teacher trainer.

Beyond her labels, Brigette’s story moves like the breath through the body. She is no stranger to the business world and leveraged her background in advertising as the owner and operator of the first official yogahour studio in St. Louis, MO, hosting over 40+ public classes per week, weekend workshops and teacher trainings with both local and nationally recognized teachers. Currently, she’s a householder yogi with a young busy family (wife to Alexis and mama to Jack and Tristan); making her no stranger to the challenges of fitting yoga into day-to-day life. For over two decades, yoga has been an essential practice for her to fully experience the honor, gifts and struggles of life and motherhood.

Brigette’s lineage is her leverage. Her teachers, Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell have opened her eyes to the challenges and joys of sustaining longevity of practice. She is deeply honored to be their life-long student.

I have known Brigette Finley for over a decade. She is a seasoned and knowledgeable teacher who is able to help students of all levels improve their practice and deepen their understanding of yoga. Trained in a variety of approaches to practice, Brigette’s caring presence is inspiring, grounding, and full of alignment instruction, strong work and clarity. I whole-heartedly recommend her trainings, workshops, and classes.
— Christina Sell, author of Yoga From the Inside Out: Making Peace with Your Body Through Yoga, My Body is a Temple: Yoga as a Path to Wholeness and
A Deeper Yoga: Beyond Body Image to Wholeness and Freedom.
When I walk into a yoga class taught by Brigette Finley, I know that it will be a dynamic and balanced sequence. I know that the instructions will be intelligent and direct so that I can get into and out of the poses safely. I know that I will learn something about the poses and likely about yoga philosophy as well. I also know with 100% certainty that I will feel better when I leave than when I arrived. Brigette makes me feel comfortable to practice and maybe more than anything, allows me to show up just exactly as I am. Practicing with Brigette gives me a mental and physical boost so I try to do it as often as I can!
— Dr. Erin Schulte, St. Louis, MO

Southtown Yoga, St. Louis, MO, the studio Brigette founded in 2006.